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Keweenaw's Migratory Bird Festival in Copper Harbor
Celebrating the Spectacular Spring Migration

2014 Schedule & Things to Do
Early Spring - end of April & beginning of May

Birder Recommendation: Raptor migration is strong -Take Brockway Mountain Drive stopping along the way at many scenic turnouts to observe the raptors along the flyway. The Brockway Mountain Hawk Watch is taking place at the peak. Visit the counter as he surveys the skies for passing raptors. The Lake Superior shoreline is a great spot for birds and keep your eye on the sky! Sparrows are here - a good spot to view many species is Clyde's Bird Trail. The warblers are arriving in great numbers. Check out Lake Manganese and the Red Trail for woodland visitors and don't miss Manganese Falls while the spring waters are still high are flowing strong.

Saturday, May 9th ~ Official International Migratory Bird Day

Presentations giving updates on the local bird counts TBD
Bird Walks - weather permitting


Birder Recommendation: It's time for more warblers, songbirds and the flycatchers are arriving too - Take woodland and field walks, Hunter's Point, Estivant Pines, Fort Wilkins - There is still raptor activity, just not as heavy now. Check out the harbor and Clyde's Bird Trail ponds for water birds.

Saturday, May 16th


Birder Recommendation: The migration is slowing down at this time but is still going. It's a great time see the birds that stay and nest here while they are still active and looking for nesting territories. There is still raptor activity, but slowing steadily. Everywhere you look there are birds!

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